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Own and keep your listings
Build citations on key sites
Remove duplicates
White Label Report

Local Citation Audit

A citation audit could involve a detailed analysis of high-directory sites in search of a list of a company's existing citations. After being listed, a company should correct errors, remove duplicates, and eventually claim its listings.

  • NAP format will be used for your business listing.
  • There is no content that is duplicated.
  • Your citations are immediately indexed.
  • Choose the most relevant websites by hand.
  • A single page that displays your live listing as well as any listings that need to be fixed.

Crucial ranking factor-NAP

In that e-order, NAP merely refers to your company's name, address, and phone number. As you may be aware, your business's NAP is an important ranking criteria when it comes to local SEO. This is because it has a major effect on Google and other search engines' local intent searches. Citations are instances of NAP data found on the internet.

  • TThe NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number.
  • In a nutshell, NAP information informs search engines about your company.
  • Business's NAP impresses potential clients, also helps with SEO.
  • Potential clients will be unable to contact the business if the NAP is not displayed.
  • It is effective in supporting a business in achieving a high ranking in local organic search results.

Boost Your Conversion Rate

Search engines are responsible for more than 85% of a website's traffic. You will have the potential to capture the attention of those people and take your business to a whole new level if you can rank your website higher in search engine result pages.

Analyze Competitor's Citation

When we talk about analyzing competitors citation, we mean studying your competitor’s citation on top business directories to understand their strategies and what you need to beat them and rank higher than them to generate more sales..


White hat SEO refers to search engine optimization techniques that have been accepted by the major search engines. These methods are more effective, safe, and ethical.

Assemble Citation List

To complete your business listing, we handpick business directories and high DA sources that are relevant to your industry.The more listings you have from top business listing directories related to your niche, the more likely it is that your company will rank high for that highly competitive keyword that will bring you sales.


Interactive Media Citation

Interactive (Rich) media citations are also very effective for beating your most competitive competitor to that keyword you have always wanted to rank for. This is because only a few focus on using them to convert sales.

Rich Media Citations will provide you with non-traditional connections and citations, which means that many of your competitors will most likely be missing out! Furthermore, the video you receive as part of this service can be leveraged to rank for almost any local keyword.

100% Goole Visibility
100% Traffic Engagement
101% ROI

White Label Report

Our white label report is designed to let you simply brand your company and make your report look professional. It's also very configurable to include information about your company (such as a logo and profile information) and to meet your specific requirements. We recognise that not everyone is a tech whiz or an SEO expert. This is why we made our report simple, attractive, and easy to understand.

Choose your plan

Our Pricing Packages


$ 30 /Per Order

  • 50 Citation
  • Top + Niche + Geo
  • Citation Search Audit
  • Upload Logo/Photo
  • Spin Description*
  • Indexing
  • Detail Report
  • 3 Days

$ 55 /Per Order

  • 100 Citation
  • Top + Niche + Geo
  • Citation Search Audit
  • Upload Logo/Photo
  • Spin Description*
  • Indexing
  • Detail Report
  • 5 Days

$ 99 /Per Order

  • 200 Citation
  • Top + Niche + Geo
  • Citation Search Audit
  • Upload Logo/Photo
  • Spin Description*
  • Indexing
  • Detail Report
  • 7 Days